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Our Mail Bag

Our cards are purrs and happy tail wags guaranteed. We love hearing from you and your furry loved one. Please send your feedback to sales@crunchkins.com

Here are some of our "paw prints of approval":


"I travel a lot and the Crunch Cards are absolutely perfect.  I can fit them in the computer bag and they don't take up any room or weigh anything.   They also make great gifts for all of our other dog pals.  After our initial playing, throwing ball, she immediately goes to the computer bag and starts pawing for her present."   Love, Twinkle & Fisher



"Just thought you might enjoy this picture of our pup enjoying a Valentine's Day Crunch Card his "grandparents" sent him. He loved it! Thanks for making such a fun -- and tasty -- product!



"Christine thank you for giving my wife a couple of the Crunchkins Cards. Our Granddog turned 3 a week or so ago.  I have attached a picture of him enjoying his Crunchkins Card. Ozzie had a great time with it. Thanks again."  Tom Garry


"This was a big hit for all the dog lovers on my Christmas list" WhiteShep Mom, Latham, NY



"The dogs seem to all love these, even my very picky Golden!"  Carol J. Fosteri


"I love these cards--I had found them in a store but I really wanted some invitations for my furry baby's birthday! And I know there were a hit when all the other furry friends parents couldn't stop talking about how great these were!!! I would recommend these to anyone!!!"   J. Hamer


"I bought some of these for doggie birthdays in the past and they absolutely love them, so I figured if I was sending out Christmas Cards to humans, why don't I send Doggie Christmas Cards?!  Everyday I would get a phone call from someone telling me "HOW CUTE" they were and what a great idea!   They loved the idea!  Not to mention the dogs being able to eat their card!  Perfect Perfect Perfect!!!"  L. Vecchiarelli


I sent one of these cards to every dog on our Christmas list instead of buying little toys for them and everyone went nuts! They thought it was so creative and fun and the really enjoyed getting mail for their pet!   I would definitely get them again as a unique gift for dogs lovers and their pets.   Thanks!"  J. Biggs


"I just wanted to tell you how much our dog enjoyed his Christmas card sent from a friends. What a neat idea!"    R. Schible


"My name is Shadow Rice and I just got a Christmas card from my kitty friend Clyde Massie. Oh boy, oh boy is it ever so good.   This is my first Christmas card ever, and it sure is tasty!!   I love it so much, I want to get more to send to my cousins, Mocha and Guinness.   Can you tell me where my mommy and daddy can buy more of these awesome "grrrrr" eating cards? Thanks Woof Woof…"   Shadow


"How Cool!!  My dog just got a Crunch card from her kitty-cousins in California!" T. Nelson


"My friend told me she was getting the mail and her Springer spaniel was especially nosey.  "Lucy" finally knocked the mail off the counter with my friend Colleen standing there.  She was in shock (Lucy is pretty well behaved) – then Lucy picked out the card I had sent her for Halloween and proceeded to gobble up the whole card.. all my friends now know about it and love it!!! Thanks!!"   Romana


"Cousin Charley,  Thank you for the yummy cards!! Daddy gave them to us right away and Beeker went crazy for them.. she actually ate both cards…Gucci prefers her pig ears which is fine because she is always piggin down Beekers stuff.  We Wuv and can't wait to see you!!  Love Beeker & Gucci"


"I am very excited to tell everyone that these cards are great!!  I gave a card to my moms dog (a Shiba Inu).   He usually doesn't eat any sort of rawhide (very picky eater) but he was very excited about this one.   He ate it right up! " M. Taylor


"My puppy loves your cards and even though he is only 9lbs he can devour a card in about a week.  Thank you for making such a great product for dogs."   Debta Ford


"Hello, I was thrilled to find your edible birthday cards for dogs.   They are so cute! My sister & I are both pet sitters and would use your cards.  Thank you for coming up with these."  Rose Wolter


"Good Morning, My dog received a crunch card in the mail today and I thought this was a wonderful gift, I was thinking about purchasing some for my friends with dogs.  Thanks so much."  Stacey Hodge


"My dogs received Christmas cards from my parents and we would like to send Valentine cards to their friends."  Karen Frye


"My doggie just had her first birthday and a friend sent her a crunch card. I really liked it!!"  Thanks Ines


"My name is Sue Keezer and my dog Vinnie received one of your crunchcards for Christmas.  What a fun idea! I am going to order or buy some of these for Valentine's Day for Vinnie's friends."


"Hi I got one of your cards from our pet insurance company.  I think they are a great idea!!"  Thank you Carla


"My dog got a Crunch Card for Christmas and I love it..and so did he!"  Pat Belbot


"Hi, please excuse my interrupting your day with this email.  My dog, Rylee was the lucky recipient of one of your rawhide greeting cards this past Christmas.  Luckily, she received it in early December, which meant I had time to go online , find your website, go to a link, and order 25 of them for Rylee's friends."  Mary D. Esser


"I received one of your very wonderful (and pretty ,much awesome) cards from my veterinarian, Southview animal Hospital this week. I have to admit I loved it as much as the pooch did – what a great idea!"  Julie Barton


"I work at the Salinas Animal Services in Salinas, CA and we work with Cheryl Babcock of Big Dog Rescue in Penn Grove, CA.   She has graciously donated us several boxes of crunch cards for us to give to the homeless dogs at our shelter.   The dogs absolutely love them!!!  On days when they are not able to be exercised are bored, we distribute them after dinner and the kennels are quiet!!  (other than the sound of happy dogs chewing away)  Thank you or making such a great product!!"  Sincerely,Rayne Coleman


"I first saw your product at a show called NACDS (National Association of Chain Drug Stores) a few years ago where I was working for a company called Smart Inventions opposite the Crunchkins booth.   I was given some samples and now my weiner Scultz expects them at holiday time, so its time to stock up again!!  I also gave some to friends dogs and I know at least 3 different people who have ordered more.  Thank you for a great, fun product."   Cowie Lewis


"Suzy, is a very, very picky terrier.  Let me tell you a short story about Suzy.  We were making a donation to the Arizona Humane Society because we had just lost our last Sheltie named Felicia... We called her "Fish."   Anyway, we saw Suzy.  Suzy was apparently a Katrina victim from Mississippi.  Our humane society picked her up in Mississippi and brought her to Arizona.  She was adopted right away and kept for 1 week and brought back.  She then was adopted again for 3 weeks and brought back with a lovely note, stating she could not get Suzy to eat.  Then we got her.  She went for her checkup right away and was down to 17 pounds.  The vet said her teeth were so bad she could not eat.  She had 11 teeth pulled.  Then she lost her eye the next year, due to gloucoma.  So she is down to a few teeth and one eye!  She finds immense comfort in your chews. She's still a picky eater, but she absolutely loves those chews and will not accept anything else!  Suzy now weighs a healthy 25 pounds and she is almost 9 years old.  We have had Suzy since she was 6 and a friend of ours gave her one of those chews from Walgreens.  I guess Walgreens use to carry them.  Anyway, I order directly from you now.  Good luck and may you prosper!"  Diana Wallick and of course, Suzy


"Ms. Hoy, We handed out all of our Crunchkins cards yesterday to our customers for Valentine's Day.  They were a hit!  Everyone loved them.  I just wanted to thank you for making such a wonderful product.  We look forward to ordering from you again." Sincerely, Stacy Galyon Camp Bow WowDallas, TX


"This itty bitty tiny little chow girl received one of your CRUNCH CARDS today for Valentines Day from another chow chow.  The reason I am emailing your company is because I have NEVER and I mean, NEVER, seen anything so fantastically U N I Q U E, cute, hysterically funny anywhere any time ... this is the most unique BEST gift I or my chows have ever received ... I found your web site easily and will become a customer in the future ... maybe today ... I am taking the card with me to a family Valentines dinner tonight to show everyone ... just incredible,"  sincerely, Annie


"Good morning, Recently I received some of your Christmas card treats from Magic Bullet Foundation.  My dog, Sherah Lee, is a survivor of cancer through their organization. I just wanted you to know that Sherah Lee LOVES those treats.  She begs for them.  nd I appreciate your donation to MBF, I know the others will enjoy them too. Sherah says THANKS!!!!! And I will happily recommend them to everyone! I think Sherah should be spokesdog for Crunchkins, lol.  She "wolfed" one down this morning.  She's a 10 year old Australian Shepherd/Border Collie hybrid.  She was born at my house and has been the furry love of my life since.  Sherah has been a great comfort to my daughter who has had kidney failure and cancer, both in remission now.   And has survived cancer herself, she is an amazing girl.  She can shake (either paw), high five and howl like Johnny Mathis sings. She may be the world's most perfect dog! Merry Christmas from all of us," Sandra Boleware


"Yes, I love to watch my puppy enjoy your treats.  He carries the card around with him until he gets it all eaten up. His last card lasted him a little over 12 days.  Last night after he finish his card he came looking for another one?  He knows where they are kept and he lets us know when he wants a new one." Thanks, Debra


"There is a yellow lab in Indiana who once received one of your doggie cards from me, since then she eyes all the mail at my parents home with a hopeful gleam in her eye!).. The dog's name is "Cotton", and she is about 5 years years old, and adores my dad and the US Postal service!" Melissa Wiessmann

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