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The Crunchkins Tale...

It all started with a postcard... While bustling through another busy day at my Veterinary Hospital, I saw a kennel assistant giving treats and reading a postcard to a dog we were boarding.

"Hello Goldie," she read aloud. "Wish you were here! Mickey & Minnie say Hi."  I chuckled and thought, "The dog doesn't care about that paper card."  

That's when it struck me - there should be a product that has meaning to both humans and animals. I decided to design a greeting card that people could send and pets could enjoy.

Crunchkins was launched in 2001, offering safe, fun, cute and affordable treats for pets and the people who love them.  As a veterinarian, pet health & safety has always been my top priority. Crunch Cards are made from rawhide - carefully pressed and artfully decorated.  From Christmas to Birthdays or "Just BePaws," each greeting and design is rendered in non-toxic inks, making the card completely edible!

I hope the special pet in your life takes a bite out of a Crunch Card today!

Stephen B. Hoy, DVM
Founder, Crunchkins, Inc
Dad to Chip-A-Hoy, Cody, Dallas, and Zeus

P.S - Domino, the black & white cat in this photo passed away in September of 2012 from pancreatic cancer. We adopted a new kitty from the shelter on December 24, 2012. "Zeus" is trying hard to ease Chip-A-Hoy's heartache, but it's a daily battle for them to get along. We'll be posting a photo of Zeus soon.